Preparing for Japan IN Japan

So I’m continually trying to actually get ready to be living and working in Japan, so today while I was out with people eating sushi and hanging around, I got all productive and bought some things! I got a pretty silk fan and some face cloths to help keep myself cool and NOT constantly dripping in sweat. Yay!!!

Soooooooooooooooooo tired! Tokyo Adventures

Orientation is now over, and tomorrow I’ll be moving out of Tokyo and into Mie Prefecture. I’m super excited, but also SUPER nervous.

After the sessions and workshops of today were over, the roomies and I plus a larger group of JETs went deeper into Tokyo and ate at this really cool sushi place! The way it worked was that you sat down at these little individual stations and ordered single items off the menu on this computer screen. Then, the food would come to you via this 3-tier track in front of you! It was so cool, and cute, and the food was absolutely delicious!

I tried several different things at that restaurant, including minced tuna sushi (which was my least favorite), salmon sashimi sushi, shrimp sushi, shrimp tempura sushi, stick chicken (which was just small chicken strips, but in a way better than what I’m used to getting), and salmon & avocado sushi (this was my FAVORITE thing I had–so I had 3!!!). It was all really delicious and the whole place was adorable and clean and just wonderful. I was also able to have matcha as a complimentary part of my meal, which was great. From what I understand, everything was pretty cheap, which I obviously appreciate. 😛

Today has been very long and stressful, but also really fun as I’ve gotten to spend my last day here in Tokyo with some pretty cool people. I can’t wait to go to my prefecture and meet even more people. 🙂


While the group and I were wandering around Tokyo looking for this one shop that I don’t remember the name of, we came across the ONLY TACO BELL IN JAPAN (from what I was told at least…). This was AFTER we’d gone to the amazing sushi place, which made me a little sad, because I love Taco Bell, and I feel that if I ate there it would feel a little bit like home. Idk. I’m getting weird. But ya, TACO BELL. The ONLY ONE IN JAPAN apparently. Wow.


So I’m finally here! There’s been lots of paperwork and emotion involved in the process of getting to this point, but I’m loving it so far (but who’s really surprised by that?).

This is the start of my blog for this trip, and I really hope I can stay dedicated to updating it on a regular basis with pictures and my experiences and junk. 🙂

Please poke me if I should be adding more things or more of some specific kind of content. Arigatou!