I am a nerd.

I am my own brand of nerd. I’m an English major type of nerd. But a very specific kind of English major type of nerd.

I really love stationary, and specific English grammar study things that seem really silly and tedious respectively.

It’s dangerous sometimes for me to go to stationary stores. Because I want to buy WAY too many things. Everything is just so pretty and awesome and stationary is an art. Pencils and pens and highlighters and markers and things are fun and pretty and I want them. And don’t even get me started on notebooks. I have a whole drawer in my closet in the US filled with notebooks that I’ve collected. And I want more. Always.

So with that in mind, I’m going to now link you to this article that I read today that just made my weirdly nerdy self very happy and wanting very specific stationary things.


I love the breakdown of the various strengths of pencil lead, and I want more pencils of the varying degrees. Particularly, I want an art set of woodless graphites with a variety of these pencil weights. I like to draw, but I have to be in the right mood for it, and fancy art supplies like that would help to encourage me to explore drawing more.

The other nerdy English major thing that I want to rant about since I’m sharing links and stuff is something from my grade school English class days. This isn’t something that’s ever used in normal life, but this is something that I had a lot of fun and fascination with back in grade school and something that I recently stumbled across again. I of course–being me–got mildly obsessed with it again for a while. Have any ideas what the heck I’m referring to?

It’s SENTENCE DIAGRAMMING!!! YAAAAAAAAY! I even found an amazingly comprehensive guide on how to diagram sentences. You probably won’t enjoy this as much as I do, but if you want to take a look at my weird interests, here’s the link:


Like I said, I’m an English major type of nerd of my own variety. I enjoy this greatly. And I hope you do too. Otherwise it might be a little awkward that you’ve read through this post this far…

Alright, thanks for hanging out with me. 🙂 Talk to you later! 😀

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