Ok, so after posting about DDR, I went and looked and saw that the last time I’d posted before then was in July. Oh goodness.

And that post was about being super not happy about finding a cockroach in my apartment.

Well since then I’ve had another cockroach! (Which I reacted to much more calmly this time) And more terrifyingly, I found a BIG mukade (centipede) that literally must have found a way in–maybe through the above-stove vent–while I was sitting in the same room it appeared in. NOT cool. I was watching a movie or something on my computer, noticed a bit of movement in my periphery, and looked over to see WHAT THE WHAT GIANT MUKADE NOOOOOOOOOOOO and have to pause said movie to deal with the problem.

That sucker is no more. Sorry, sir. Please stay out of my apartment. I wouldn’t kill you if you weren’t invading my claimed space.

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